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Ever caught yourself thinking…

I want to have it all but I just can't do it all myself?

You’re not alone.

As an entrepreneur who's running a 6-7 figure business while producing a podcast, you’ve probably secretly wondered how other “big names” in the industry pull it off.

They effortlessly shine by producing quality content and flawless episodes. All while maintaining a booming business and a personal life that hasn’t gone up in flames.

Here’s the Scoop on
Powerhouse Podcasts

Podcasting is an effective way to grow your business and make a powerful impact in the world.

But every episode takes HOURS to edit and produce.

Think about it…

Each week you're spending time recording, editing, writing show notes, uploading, and creating social media content.

Something’s got to give.

Your business is your mission and your podcast is your message – BOTH deserve to be handled with compassion and professional guidance so you can maximize your potential, experience groundbreaking growth, and reach the right people.

So what do the top 1% podcasters have that you don’t?

A team of professionals who takes the entire production process off their hands.

No hassle, no stress.

Your Trusted Partner
In Podcasting

If you’ve ever been down the rabbit hole of searching for reliable podcast production, you know how annoying it can be…

The balancing act of hiring and managing multiple freelancers.

Sloppy work. Poor communication. Late episodes.

AI solutions that promise it all, but deliver embarrassing glitches and mistakes.

One cog in the podcast machine goes off, and the whole thing topples like a tray of 10 chocolate layer cakes!

You waste countless hours doing draining tasks, when you could have been growing your business or spending time with the kids.

But it just feels impossible to put together a reliable team to help with your podcast.

Don’t worry. Consider us your podcast super pros to the rescue!

Meet the Guy Behind the Curtain

East Coast Studio helps high-level entrepreneurs with 6-7 figure businesses produce first-rate podcasts and save valuable time.

Founder Joel Oliver has an honours degree from OIART, Canada's crème de la crème of audio schools.

A major surgery in 2018 led Joel to realizing the importance of delegation in his own business. From there, the mission became clear: create a business which other entrepreneurs could trust - allowing them the freedom to live and thrive on their own terms.

With meticulous attention to detail and a shared passion for podcasting, the team at East Coast Studio has been the foundation of the company for over 6 years.

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Lead-Generating Podcasts
Are Our Thing

At East Coast Studio, we understand the entrepreneurial journey because we've lived it ourselves.

We'll fine-tune your podcast into an irresistible magnet, attracting dream clients and leading influencers in your industry.

We're not in the business of simply making sales. We believe in honest practices, exceptional service, and unwavering commitment to quality.

We combine our knowledge of the ever-evolving podcast space with tried-and-true business strategies.

The result? A dynamic fusion that will elevate your podcast and business to stratospheric heights.

What We'll Do for You...

Edit your podcast audio and video for consistently superb-sounding episodes, with a stamp of approval from a professional audio engineer.

Provide detailed show notes to improve SEO, help listeners find everything they need, and entice potential listeners to hit play.

Design attention-grabbing social clips and graphics to increase your reach, grow your podcast, and capture new leads from Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or any other social platform.

Create a computer-generated transcript for quick reference, SEO, accessibility, compliance checks, and archiving.

Loop in you or your team for final approval.

Upload to your podcast host so your episodes publish consistently and you never forget.

BONUS: As a dedicated client, you’ll also get a quarterly podcast strategy call to help ensure you’re on the right path to generating business leads and revenue.

How You Benefit

What Clients Say

"East Coast Studio has made podcasting 100% easier"

"I record, upload the files, and they handle the rest. They’ve saved me countless hours, allowing me to focus on creating great content and growing my business."

Renée Warren

Founder & CEO of We Wild Women, Into the Wild Podcast

"An invaluable resource for my podcasts"

"East Coast Studio has been pivotal for me to deliver high-level content to my listeners. The SPOT Radio podcast has blossomed into the voice of healthcare packaging as we near our fourth year. I simply could not deliver this industry recognized content without their amazing support."

Charlie Webb

CPPL, Sterile Packaging Sciences
SPOT Radio Podcast

"An excellent choice to outsource podcast tasks you don't have time for"

"They're highly skilled and quick at editing...High quality work paired with their exceptional customer service makes podcasting easy and fun."

Julia Smith

"I do not have to worry about delivery or quality"

"East Coast Studio gets it done and responds immediately any time I make contact. I do not have to worry about delivery or quality, it is a done deal."

Adam Muggleton

Building Commissioning Professional, Edifice Complex Podcast

"I simply send my files and am able to focus on my business"

"I've worked with East Coast Studio for nearly 3 years for weekly podcast editing, uploading, audiogram creation, and drafting of show notes. They communicate well and deliver superior work, helping me deliver a podcast I'm proud of!"

Kaeli Lindholm

CEO of KLC Consulting and Founder of the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy, Fierce Factor Podcast

"It's literally 10% as much work as it was before"

"All I have to do is record and upload the file. East Coast Studio cleans it up, edits it, adds in our commercials, our intro and outro, and then publishes the episode... It's so much less work!"

Dr. Josh Satterlee

DC, Clinic/Gym Hybrid, Trust Driven Care, Clinic Gym Radio Podcast

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

While we love all podcasters, we can only take on clients who are the right fit.

This IS For You If:

You're a motivated business owner making 6-to-7 figures a year doing what you love.

You're a visionary with big plans to maximize business growth. You understand that podcasts are a great way to do that and are committed to 100+ episodes.

You're ready to let a team of qualified pros step in and minimize your workload. Trying to "DIY" your entrepreneurial journey is exhausting!

This Is NOT for You If:

You’re just getting your feet wet with podcasting. To get the most out of this experience, it's important for you to have an existing podcast that's ready for the next level.

You're half in, half out. We’re a team of professionals ready to hit the ground running. It’s important to have the same commitment from you.

You do not delegate well or have issues with control, micro managing, or staying on schedule.

What Would You Do With
an Extra 150 Hours Each Year?

Time is a precious commodity, and we're here to help you reclaim it.

This is the literal 'set it and forget it' of podcast production.

It's as easy as clicking below and booking your Podcast Game Plan Session today!

During this call, we'll delve into your current podcast workflow and determine a path to your desired destination. If we're a good fit, we'll embark on an extraordinary journey together and produce 50-100 top-quality podcast episodes over the next year.

If not, no sweat. You'll still walk away with friendly, practical advice, guiding you toward the right direction for your podcast endeavors.

We can only take on 4 new clients each month.

East Coast Studio isn't about making empty promises or exaggerated claims. We believe in genuine connections and authentic experiences. So, let's chat, explore the possibilities, and discover how we can elevate your podcast to new heights.

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